Our commitment - cultural and social

Agentur Strothmann GmbH supports several projects in terms of organization and concepts, in some cases over a significant period of time now.

Villa Zanders

The Städtische Galerie Villa Zanders in Bergisch Gladbach is a location steeped in tradition and an integral part of the city’s cultural life. Since 1967, the former family mansion of the manufacturers Zanders has been owned by the city of Bergisch Gladbach. After a comprehensive renovation, the art gallery has offered temporary exhibitions with a focus on contemporary art on a regular basis since 1992. It covers about 1500 square meters on three floors.

Elke Strothmann, Managing Director, is a member of the board of the sponsoring association Förderverein Galerie + Schloss e.V. www.GalerieundSchloss.de


Max Bruch Musik-Festival

The Max Bruch Musik-Festival Bergisch Gladbach 2013 is a festival with oeuvres of the romantic composer Max Bruch, taking place for the first time in Bergisch Gladbach. Apart from Max Bruch’s music, some works of famous colleagues will be performed, as well. His friendship with Maria Zanders as well as his love for the City of Bergisch Gladbach are the basis of various framework event.

The nearly year-round festival is a project of the Association Musik- und KulturFestival GL e.V. which creates events to strengthen the cultural identity of the City of Bergisch Gladbach .

Agentur Strothmann is in charge of the organisation of this festival and - in addition - of media relations and marketing.



ReimBerg Slam

This poetry slam - a competition at which poets read or recite their original texts - was initiated by Agentur Strothmann in Bergisch Gladbach in 2010 and has been organized on a regular basis since then.

Since Januar 2013 ReimBerg Slam is continued by Q1 Jugendkulturzentrum (cultural centre for the youth).



Africachild e.V. is a relief organization dedicated to fight against poverty and disease of young mothers and children in Ethiopia and Kenya.

In Ethiopia, the organization supports young mothers aged between 15 and 17 years so that they don't have to live a life on the streets any longer. Africachild e.V. procures employment for these women with which they can sustain their families.

In Kenya, close to the border to Tanzania, an Africachild Village has been built on a shoreline site of 1.5 acres in the region of Kwale three years ago and works successfully. It provides refuge for young, often unmarried mothers offering primary emotional, psychosocial, medical and nutritional care.

Agentur Strothmann is a supporter of Africachild.



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