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Objectives, Results, Growth

We see ourselves as partners dedicated to working together with our clients in a spirit of trust on a long-term basis. Customer satisfaction is our top priority.

With a wealth of ideas, we create innovative concepts and execute them in the best possible way.

In an atmosphere of openness and respect, we analyze critical points and potentials for improvement and work on solutions. In cooperation with our clients, we pursue defined goals – precisely and creatively.

Together with our clients, we want grow with their tasks and challenges.

In November 1996, Agentur Strothmann was founded by Elke Strothmann in Cologne under the name of “Elke Strothmann OrganisationsService”. In June 2001, the firm was transformed into “Elke Strothmann OrgaService GmbH”. In 2003, the company moved to Bergisch Gladbach near Cologne. Since mid 2011, the agency has operated under the name of “Agentur Strothmann GmbH”.